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“Glorify the Lord with me” David invited.  “Let us exalt his name together” (Psalm 34:3). 

M-m-m.  That’s puzzling.  Why didn’t David say, “exalt his names?” 

He has dozens—Creator, Father, Holy One, King, I AM, —to name just a few. 

My question led to three observations. 

One, most of us do have at least three names:  first, last, and middle.  Royals are often given multiple names.  Prince William of Great Britain, for example, is actually William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor.  Yet even when he’s asked to give his full name, that word “name” is used in singular form. 

Two, most parents, including royalty, take great care in choosing names for their progeny.  They not only consider how first, middle, and last sound when spoken together, they consider the meanings of  the names.


Three, some moms and dads choose names that honor family members or friends.  Perhaps they hope that the name will also bequeath to their child the positive traits and accomplishments of the honorees. 

Based on these observations, it would seem appropriate to do the following when we desire to praise or rejoice in God’s name: 

  • Think on at least several of his names
  • Consider their meanings, especially as they relate to personal experience
  • Meditate on the attributes and accomplishments of God associated with that name. 

Let’s try it.  The name-list above offers a start.  

God of heaven and earth, you are Creator of all.  My mind cannot begin to fathom your power, wisdom, and creative genius that brought this universe into existence—out of nothing.  From vast planetary movements to intricate ecosystems, your divine proficiency produces perfect function. 

  English: A Blue Starfish (Linckia laevigata) r...

You are the Holy One of the universe—completely righteous and totally separate from anything or anyone else.  You are the only one who is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent.  There is no one like you. 

Yet you are my Heavenly Father!  You lovingly and patiently care for me, providing guidance and instruction on how best to live.  You graciously bestow blessings—sometimes the desires of my heart, and sometimes serendipity gifts that I haven’t even asked for. 


 You are the King of the universe, in control of everything.  But unlike some overlords, you know what you’re doing.  Everything you do is perfect.   I can trust you with the concerns of my life because of your great wisdom and understanding. 

You are the great I AM, who always was and always will be.  You live in a perpetual present tense.  And you are always the same—dependable and faithful, loving and gracious to your children. 

Thank you, God, for revealing these names to us—and many more.  They help us to understand who you are and how you respond to your children.  And as we meditate upon them, our hearts are filled with wordless wonder and overwhelming gratitude. 

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