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Humble Pie

No one likes to eat humble pie—to be forced into a situation where an apology or retraction is blatantly required. It’s embarrassing to eat and does not taste good.

But below you’ll find an alternate recipe for Humble Pie that may be more to your liking. Upon eating this “soul food,” you’ll find more contentment with life and with others. A deep sense of security will settle in your heart, and a fresh perspective will enlighten your mind. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

Given below is a list of ingredients for new-and-improved Humble Pie. Equal amounts of each are recommended:

1. Gentleness—consideration of others, putting their needs
above my own.

2. Modesty—remembering that God and others are responsible
for any success I’ve been able to achieve.

3. Patience—able to wait, tolerant, not requiring
deferential treatment.

4. Quiet strength—self-control, doing what’s needed without
requiring recognition or even appreciation.

5. Obedience—recognizing that God’s ways, not mine, are
right and good. Christ is my supreme example of humble
obedience (Philippians 2:8).

6. Respect—regarding the feelings others, valuing them,
being gracious to all.

7. Teachability—accepting of instruction from God’s Word,
from God himself, and from others.

8. Appreciation of others–commending them for their gifts
and talents, their good ideas and accomplishments.

9. Submission—God increases (in my thoughts and
motivations, in importance in my life); I decrease (John

10. Worship—recognizing that every good and perfect gift
(talent, ability, creative idea, etc.) comes from
above (James 1:17). Everything we are, everything we
have, everything we accomplish comes from God. He alone
deserves the praise and glory.

Yes, it’s a challenging recipe with lots of ingredients. But when you put them altogether, the medley of flavors creates a winning combination. And the effect upon ingesting is remarkable. Certain ills of the soul completely disappear, like self-absorption, self-advancement, self-importance, or self-promotion. (That self-toxin wreaks havoc, doesn’t it?)

And don’t forget the positive results listed above: Contentment, security, and a fresh perspective on life.

Oh. And one more result: Those who eat a steady diet of this kind of Humble Pie will one day be exalted (Luke 14:11). In other words, they’ll be raised in rank, elevated, and glorified.

To achieve that result, perhaps we should sprinkle one more ingredient on top:

Perseverance—the ability to delay gratification.

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