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(A personal psalm in honor of our Lord Jesus)



We praise you, Author and Perfecter of our Faith.

BY your death on the cross we are saved from eternal separation from you and all that is good.  Your sacrifice made possible our adoption as children of the God of the universe. Your forgiveness covers every failure, and as your character permeates our own, your grace transforms us into works of art.



We praise you, Righteous One.

IN you there is no condemnation hanging over us like a black cloud. No longer must each of us wear the label sinner; we become saints when clothed in your righteousness.   Who dares point the finger and cry “Guilty?” Because of you, Lord Jesus, God has already forgiven us and granted right standing with himself.



We praise you, Emmanuel (God with us).

WITH you we may live a new life of confidence that Someone stronger and wiser is in charge, Someone available day or night for whatever we need, Someone perfectly capable to take on our troubles, Someone dedicated to increasing our joy, and Someone to infuse our lives with purpose and fulfillment.



We praise you, Ruler of Creation.

TO you all things are brought into existence. Everything in creation is for your glory—from the innumerable stars spilling across the sky to the diverse creatures inhabiting every corner of our planet.   As for humanity, we too are diverse—each endowed with unique gifts and talents to live for the praise of your glory.



We praise you, Great Shepherd.

FROM you we receive grace, mercy, and peace. Because of your grace, you listen to the broken heart, the guilt-ridden soul, the desperate plea. Lovingly you reply, “Come, and I will give you rest.” Out of your mercy you keep no record of wrongs. Your peace accompanies us through every storm of life.



We praise you, Lord of All.

THROUGH you we can do all things. Your perfect strength equips us for all life’s challenges, as we avail ourselves through continual, affirmative prayer. How reassuring to know “your power flows most freely into those who acknowledge their need for you” (Unknown).



We praise you, Christ Jesus our Hope.

LIKE you we will be raised from death to eternal life. That’s not just wishful thinking; it’s reliable truth. A whole body of proof corroborates the scripture record of your resurrection.* And because you came back to life, we can know beyond a shadow of doubt that eternity in heaven is guaranteed to us who put our trust in you.



Such astounding truths—too glorious for full comprehension.

But may I never cease to try.



*The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel (Zondervan, updated 2016) offers proof after proof of the resurrection from scholars in the fields of science, history, and philosophy.  The book became the basis for a movie by the same title in 2017.


Scriptures used for this post:

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Art & photo credits: Ephesians 2:10–www.dailyverses.net; John 14:27–dailyverses.net; 2 Corinthians 12:9–www.heartlight.org.   


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When you say the name, Jesus, do images from his life flash to mind?  Images such as:



  • His healing hand gently touching a hideous leper, the lesions disappearing, fingers and toes miraculously being restored?  Do you see the love and joy on Jesus’ face as he watches the healed one, his eyes darting between arms and legs, elbows and knees, rejoicing that every inch of his skin glows with health (Matthew 11:5)?
  • Jesus standing in the bow of a lurching boat with arms raised, sleeves flapping in the whipping wind of a squall?  Do you hear his authoritative voice above the mayhem shouting, “Be still!”  Do you feel the boat stop pitching and rolling as the fearsome waves settle into calm ripples (Luke 8:22-25)?
  • Do you see Jesus leaning in, listening intently to the Samaritan woman at the well, eyes focused only on her, indicating genuine interest and tender compassion?  Do you sense his pleasure as she becomes a passionate believer (John 4:4-30)?
  • Do you breathe in the aroma of fresh bread and dried fish that permeated the hillside where 5,000 men (plus women and children) ate lunch one day, supplied by one boy’s meager fare–likely two small barley loaves and five sardines (Luke 9:10-17)?
  • Do you see Jesus reclining with his disciples at the Last Supper?  Do you hear the reverent tone of the ceremonial words?  Do you see the astonished expressions on the disciples’ faces, as Jesus changed the well-known ritual to speak of his body, his blood, and a betrayer among them?

Do you recognize the rich symbolism of his sacrifice-to-come in the elements of the meal?  1)  The unleavened matzah bread with its grill marks, reminding us of the stripes he bore on his back (Matthew 27:26).  2) The breaking of that bread, representing Jesus’ body broken for us (Matthew 26:26-28).   3) The lamb, symbolizing Jesus as the Lamb of God, sacrificed for our sakes that we might have eternal life (Romans 3:23-24).  4)  The third cup of wine during the Passover meal, called the cup of redemption, representing Jesus’ blood.**

Without our Jesus of gentleness, power, compassion, and sacrifice, we’d be reduced to lives of futility and fear.  Without our Jesus, we’d have no hope and promise of heaven’s ecstasy.

Every moment of his earthly life proved his perfection, his singular purpose, his love.

He is the sum total of all delights.

His name is:

music with which the bells of heaven sing;

a song in a word;

an ocean for comprehension,

although a drop of brevity;

a matchless oratorio in two syllables,

a gathering up of the hallelujahs of eternity

in five letters”

— Charles Spurgeon

    *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Precious Jesus, we praise you that the same attributes you demonstrated in Galilee and Judea so long ago are still at work among us today.  You are our faithful Rock, a Friend who never fails, a Shepherd who always attends.  May your name continually be on our lips!

**Jesus referred to his blood as the seal of a new covenant, a new promise.  By his death, the debt was paid–the one we owed because of our sin (Luke 22:20; Romans 3:23-25a).

(Photo credit:  http://www.youtube.com.)

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