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Say the word “getaway” and I immediately envision Carriage Way, our favorite bed and breakfast in St. Augustine, Florida. (Visit their website at http://www.carriageway.com, and you’ll see why we love it.)

The house is a large, two-story Victorian, white, with pale blue trim. Wide verandas with wicker furniture entice visitors to sit and rest awhile. Each room is appointed with antique furniture, colorful quilts, ruffles and lace. Guests feel transported to a gentler, quieter time.

The name speaks to the inn’s location, along the horse-drawn carriage route.  Each evening of our stay, we love to sit on the second-story veranda, chat, watch the people go by, and listen for the clip-clopping of horses’ hooves.

NYC - Central Park: Horse drawn carriage

 But a bigger draw of Carriage Way is the grace and thoughtfulness of its proprietors. From the friendly greeting upon arrival (by name), to the cookies, coffee, and soft drinks always available, they do their utmost to please their guests.

One morning during our first or second visit, the chief-cook at that time, L., fixed an unusual egg casserole. The unique ingredient? Green chilies, which gave the dish a definite Southwestern flavor. We raved about it.

A year or two later, when we visited again, L. told us, “Tomorrow morning I’ll fix that egg casserole you liked so much!”

Now I’m smart enough to know L. couldn’t possibly have remembered we’d relished that particular dish. I’m sure he would have liked to, but with so many guests, and such a volume of information, such details would be impossible to retain.

However, I can imagine L. entering guests’ preferences into his computer for future reference. L. and B. (the owner) were surely aware that people feel honored when they are remembered.

Now digest this. Someone else honors us with his remembrance. The omnipotent Ruler of the universe.

Think of it: Almighty God is mindful of us (Psalm 8:4).

He thinks about us constantly (Psalm 139:17-18). He never forgets about one of His children. Not even the number of hairs on each head (Matthew 12:30).

He knows us intimately, like a good shepherd knows each of his sheep (John 10:14-15).

And because He is mindful of us, He blesses us (Psalm 115:12a), providing for our needs, and guiding us in the way of wisdom (Proverbs 4:11).

There is only one thing he’s forgetful about. “I will forgive their wickedness,” he declared, “and will remember their sins no more” (Jeremiah 31:34).

I am struck anew by your overwhelming love, Lord—a love that prompts you to remember us individually, know us intimately, and bless us magnanimously. Even more amazing, you choose to forget our disobedience and rebellion when we come to you with repentant hearts. Oh, that my life would bring honor to you. Guide me to that end, I pray.

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