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Not long ago I came upon this Bible verse:



“May your  unfailing love rest upon us” (Psalm 33:22a).


Not exactly a new concept for those of us who know God and have entrusted our lives to him.  We know that God loves us.

But that day, each word (with a bit of tweaking!) spoke particular truth from my Heavenly Father. Below are the impressions he laid upon my heart. I pray that a thought or two will bring encouragement to you as well.


My love for you is holy — totally separate from any human love — because it is:

  • Pure – never the result of ulterior motives
  • Sacrificial – proven at Calvary when I, God the Son, gave up my life for you
  • Unchanging – in the past (because I loved you before you were born), in the present (even when you’re not at your best), and into eternity (when my love will be expressed in total bliss).


Never will I “fall out of love” with you. There is nothing in this world that can stop me from loving you. No matter what you do, nothing can separate you from my love.

And remember, my love is an unfailing, all-powerful force. I make all things work for your good – even when you go through pain and trials. Cling to that promise, child. Good will always prevail in the end.


My love for you is much more than warm affection. I am passionate about you and devoted to you. My faithfulness to you will never fail.

I am your Heavenly Father. Think of all the ways I express my love to you every day – through kindness, grace, mercy, faithfulness, blessing, wisdom, guidance, strength, comfort, peace and more. It’s a long list, isn’t it.

Neither are these love-expressions infrequent or intermittent. Constantly I am expressing my love to you.

And everything I say and do comes from a heart of holy, perfect love.


My love comes to rest upon you. It’s attached to you, never wanes, and never will be removed.

And because I am continually expressing my love, you can rest in confidence that I will care for you. When worry and fear start to creep in, turn your spiritual eyes on me.

Start recounting all the ways I’ve expressed my love to you in the past, and rest in confidence that my pure, sacrificial, unchanging love will see you through – not just to survive, but to triumph!


My love is not earned; it is bestowed upon you. You do not need to perform marvelous deeds for me. Nor do I withdraw my love because you are not perfect.

What gives me pleasure is love-motivated progress toward spiritual maturity. I also revel in your efforts to seek my presence. But even these actions do not cause me to love you more. My love for you is already total and complete.


Yes, you. I made you. I created your inmost being and knit you together in your mother’s womb. I prepared all the days of your life before even one of them came to be. 

And I love you – completely and forever.  My unfailing love most assuredly rests upon you.


(Romans 8:28, 38-39; Psalm 89:33; Psalm 139:13-16.)



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