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For ten years of my twenty-six year teaching career, I commuted almost fifty miles each day. Those of you who endure the same or worse understand that it is: 1) boring, 2) a waste of time, and 3) FRUSTRATING! The roadways are filled with thoughtless, rude drivers who can raise your blood pressure to dangerous levels if you’re not careful.

One day, after yet another encounter with a dreadful driver, I started to sing, “To God Be the Glory”—an old hymn that is still a favorite of many folks. Only I stumbled upon new words that fit my situation: “To God be the glory in spite of the jerks who travel the turnpike and drive me berserk!”

It made me chuckle. The tension in my shoulders began to relax.

M-m-m, I thought. I may be on to something.

For the next several weeks I spent my commuting time working thoughts into rhymes and rhymes into the rhythm of the old hymn. Here are the results.

The South Florida Commuter Song

To God be the glory in spite of the jerks
Who travel the turnpike and drive me berserk!
I’ll focus on Jesus and all of His works,
Improving my attitude and calming my nerves.
Praise the Lord for the trees, and the birds on the wing!
Praise the Lord for the clouds, and this song I can sing!
I’ll thank Him for His promises and victories won,
And for taking frustration and making it fun!

I’ll pray for the poor bloke who speeds out of sight.
He’s clueless I’ll see him at an upcoming light.
I’ll pray for his safety, since he’s unconcerned,
And hope in the process some patience I learn!
Praise the Lord for the sun as it spangles the sky.
Praise the Lord for the ponds, and the mist on the rise.
I’ll thank Him for creation, its beauty sublime.
Renouncing frustration, His peace I shall find.

And when drivers speed by then squeeze in ahead,
Replace my frustration with your grace instead.
Remind me they don’t know you, they’re striving alone.
I pray they may seek you, and make you their own.
Praise you, Lord! I am yours, and you’re always with me.
Help me lean, and be serene, even when folks are mean.
I pray for Your Spirit to take full control
As over the highways and byways I roll.

There’s one more group of drivers that I must address.
They pull out in front of me, then drive like Aunt Bess!
They poke along slowly, yet still make the light,
But then the light turns red—I’M stuck! What a fright
How upset I can get when others drive thoughtlessly!
But I have heard from Your word how You want me to be:
As loving and forgiving as You are to me.
So when others drive like Aunt Bess, I’ll say, “God bless!”

© Nancy Ruegg 2008

Are you smiling? I hope so. And perhaps you’ll be inspired to turn a frustration in your life into an attitude-changing song. If you do, please share it with us!

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